08 October 2013

Control Results

I posted yesterday that I'd post the results of the first test today, so here they are.

fasting blood glucose: 89
00:15 postprandial (pp): 110
00:30 pp: 128
00:45 pp: 150
1:00 pp: 121
1:15 pp: 104
1:30 pp: 86
1:45 pp: 76
2:00 pp: 77
2:15 pp: 73
2:30 pp: 72
2:45 pp: 76
3:00 pp: 78

Once my bg numbers dropped below 80, I found myself getting very sleepy and couldn't continue reading Amity Shlaes' Coolidge, so I checked email and FB in an effort not to fall asleep and mess up the rest of the test.  All in all, these bg levels aren't bad.  But if I drank a Coke every day, I'm sure I'd see them climb into the stratosphere (and, really, it didn't nearly taste as good as I remember).

Then I ate some homemade crème bulgare, fresh strawberries, xylitol, homemade vanilla extract, and unmodified potato starch.  My bg levels were as follows:

00:45 pp: 91
2:00 pp: 101

I felt much more awake the rest of the day and got quite a bit done, including trying a new-to-us pumpkin recipe from Alton Brown (we've never had cable, so we never saw his show when it was airing; we've been streaming them via Amazon lately, and I'm learning a bunch as he focuses on the science behind the cooking).

I also said that I'd post my starting weight and body fat percentage (what was I thinking?), so here they are:

200.5 lbs (this is after losing 65 lbs and then gaining back 13 through the last couple months)
35.7% body fat weight (down from a high of 45% when I first started checking, 2 1/2 years ago)

And this morning's fasting bg was 93, which is certainly respectable.


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