14 October 2013

Experiment No. 1

I performed another Coke/blood glucose experiment this morning.  The results were very interesting!  Here's a picture of my spreadsheet and graph comparing the control experiment last week with today's:

The total rise from fasting to the highest reading was 61 pts last week, but only 34 pts this week for a difference of 27 pts.  Last week's crash afterwards was 78 pts; this week's decline was 47 pts. (certainly not a crash!), for a difference of 31 pts.  The differences are almost half from the control to today, which I think is significant.

I responded to the insulin faster after a week of RS than I had without it, with my peak last week coming at 45 minutes postprandial, and this week at 30 minutes postprandial.

I was able to do Morning Time with the kids, which would have been just about impossible last week as I was so sleepy; I could barely keep my eyes open once my bg dipped below 80.

My weight has been up and down all week, with a high of 200 and a low of 196.5.  My body fat percentage also varied from a low of 34.4 to a high of 36.2.  There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to the weight or body fat variations, as I gained 3.5 lbs in one night and lost 2.5 lbs another - water weight variation is my guess.

My fasting blood sugar levels were also down at the beginning of the week, in the acceptable low-nineties to the great upper- and mid-eighties, but then jumpd to 102 on Sunday (for no reason I can discern).

Also, the Coke tasted worse this week than last.  I think I may find it hard to push myself to drink it as the weeks go by.


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