16 October 2013

Garden Progress

We restarted the garden a few weeks ago.  So far, we've got Romaine lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, basil, and three tomato (two Early Girl and one cherry) plants with six more cauliflower and six broccoli waiting to be transplanted.  I've got six 4x4 foot, square-foot boxes ready and am slowly planting a few squares of each box.  I also have several 2x boxes along the fence (from 2x6- down to 2x2-foot boxes; the smaller ones are deeper for root veggies).  I've also planted a couple squares of baby carrots, beets, turnips, and Brussels sprouts.  I'll do more of those in additional boxes as I see sprouts coming up.

I'm being more careful this time to spread similar plants apart; so the brassicas aren't next to each other, but have at least one other kind of plant between them.

Romaine lettuce
I'm trying something new this year: I added soil probiotics and extra minerals.  So far, I must say I'm pretty impressed!  There are still quite a few white flies on some of the plants, but the plants are not being eated (as you can see from the photo).

I have more seeds to plant, as well as wanting to pick up some more herbs (on sale at the grocery store).  I also have to get some cold-weather covers made as it's likely to get down to freezing at least a few times in December and January.

I'll post more updates as things happen out there!


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