22 October 2013

Playing with my Food: Butternut Squash

For dinner tonight:

sautéed pork chops
homemade applesauce (based on Danielle Walker's recipe in Against All Grains, but with a few splashes of apple jack, a little maple syrup, and a few extra pinches of salt; our first attempt at homemade applesauce.)
braised butternut squash (improvised from and inspired by Culinary Artistry)

2 lbs butternut squash, cubed (a package bought at Costco)
cream sherry (a few splashes)
apple jack (a few splashes)
garlic (chopped, maybe a teaspoon or two?)
chervil (a few sprinkles)
parsley (more sprinkles than the chervil)
cream (to almost cover the squash)
butter (a dab)
bacon grease (a dab)
salt and pink pepper
crushed toasted pecans (about a cup, before crushing)

I mixed everything but the pecans together in a medium-sized skillet and put it on low with a lid.  Except for the squash and the pecans, nothing was measured (only because the squash came weighed, and my daughter wanted to know how many pecans to get out, so I pulled an amount out of thin air).

While the squash cooked (and, boy, did it smell heavenly!), we toasted the pecans in a small skillet on the stove.  Once the squash was soft, I mashed it with my immersion blender.  It was served with the pecans as a topping.

My family's conclusion was 'Yum!!!'


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