01 March 2007


I took this photo a couple of weeks ago. Our peach tree was in full bloom, with new life breaking out all over.

The Lord works subtly: the days begin to lengthen imperceptibly, the sap begins to run through the hidden veins of the tree, and then, with little warning, life breaks out on what had seemed outwardly to be a bunch of dead twigs and branches stuck in the ground.

Thus he also works in our hearts and souls. He not only offers comfort and safety in the storm, but in the fullness of time he commands the maelstrom to be still, and it obeys. The sun shines again, we begin to show signs of bearing fruit, and he is glorified.

I’m working on a couple more poems, but haven’t had much time lately.

Thank you for your prayers. They are precious to me. Dawn has come, and our path has risen out of the valley.

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