30 May 2008


He's done it! Drew proposed to Anna last night and she joyfully agreed to be his wife!

He spent yesterday setting up a scavenger hunt for her. She started here when she arrived home from work. He had left a package with a new dress, shoes, her favorite scent, a beautiful necklace and earrings that coordinated with the shoes and dress, a letter, and a hint. She was in a bit of shock. She began to suspect what he was up to, but wouldn't let herself go down that path because if he wasn't going to propose last night, she didn't want to disappointed in whatever he was doing.

Then she came to us and we spent some time encouraging her with the evidence of God's grace that we've been seeing in her life and we prayed for her. Then we gave her a yellow rose and another card that contained a clue about where she would be going next.

She had five other stops, where her friends, care group leaders, and pastors encouraged her and spoke about the Lord's work in her and in Drew. They each also gave her a rose and a letter from Drew.

Her last stop was at Tempe Town Lake where Drew was waiting nervously for her. He met her with another six roses to make a dozen and shared with her how thankful he was for what the Lord had done for the two of them. Then he dropped to one knee and asked if she would be willing to be his wife. She dropped to two knees and said, 'Yes, yes, yes!!!'

Then they came to a friend's house where about 40 of us were waiting to celebrate with them. What joy! I was asked a few times how I was feeling, with the expectation that I must be weepy and view this as bittersweet, but I'm not and I don't. We've been working to prepare her for this for over 21 years. How can it be bittersweet when the Lord answers our prayers for her? I feel nothing but joy and gratitude at the blessing that young Drew is to Anna.

So, now we move into wedding planning mode. Since I write about what I'm thinking about and what I'm doing and what the kids are doing, expect to see wedding musings and progress reports.

I think it's time to go watch Father of the Bride again!


27 May 2008

I Went to Buy Thread…

…and waved 'hello' to the President.

This afternoon, I was in Joann's exchanging polyester thread for cotton thread. The cashier expressed surpise that I'd come by way of Dobson Road because she thought it was closed. It seems President Bush was in town for a few hours (speaking within 5 miles of our house) and would be travelling that route on his way back to Sky Harbor.

When we came out, all the mall exits were blocked by police cars, so Elizabeth and I got small drinks at Taco Bell and waited on the sidewalk. A friendly Mesa police officer kept us informed of the President's impending arrival so we'd be ready. We waved as the motorcade drove by; there was one man in one of the limos saluting, I assume to the policemen lining the route.

Elizabeth was less than impressed, but maybe some day she'll look back on today with gratitude that her mother made her stand for a half hour in the warm sun.


22 May 2008

Busy Day

Joel needs a hair cut.

I want to finish my stays.

I want to finish fitting the bodice of my dress so I can cut out the fabric.

Need to straighten the kitchen to prepare to paint the kitchen this weekend.

Jared's graduation announcements are ready to be addressed and need to go out within the next few days.

Judith's dress needs to be measured, a mock-up of the bodice needs to be made, and then we need to cut it out so she can start sewing.

Rebekah and Ben haven't finished their bathrobes yet. Eliza is almost finished with her sleeves and then I'll take a picture of the two girls in them.

All that to say that we have lots going on and I don't have time to post anything thoughtful.


20 May 2008

Almost Forgot!

Happy Eliza Doolittle Day!!!


I've been sewing lately! I gave it up about six years ago - I couldn't make anything fit and my cheap sewing machine had had it. I was able to purchase a new machine recently (Viking's Scandinavia 400, which is the latest incarnation of the belovèd Rose and which soon will no longer be made in Sweden). It sews and embroiders!

I also still have the wonderful black Singer Model 301 my dmil gave me when we moved to Arizona 21 years ago and it still works great! The small Kenmore machine we bought Judith for Christmas isn't working. It would cost as much to fix it as it originally cost, so instead we bought the girls a low-end Singer. It has lots more stitches than the Kenmore, but not as much precision as the Scandinavia in being able to recreate specific combinations of stitch-length and width. Fortunately, all the specialty presser feet that I used with the old Brother machine fit on the new Singer, expanding its capabilities quite a bit. It'll be a good learning machine, along with the 301.

I'll try to load pictures of everything listed, but for now, descriptions will have to do. Here's what I've been able to complete so far:

1. A bathrobe, originally meant for sale on Etsy, but instead given to Melody and Eliza's friend, Rylie, for her 8th birthday. She just loved it - pale pink with darker pink roses and buds, coordinating pink facings (on the outside) that I ran through a couple of the fancy stitches on my machine.

2. A bathrobe for Melody - pink with a musical score printed all over it. Perfect for this little girl.

3. A purse, complete with specially-measured, inside pockets for the items I carry most.

4. A beautiful, small backpack that I'm looking forward to filling with books and journals!

5. I finished my part of Eliza's blue dolphin bathrobe - she sewed a few of the easier seams; we had to put the foot pedal on a thick book so she could reach it! She's been begging me to teach her to hand sew and so she's hemming the sleeves by hand. She's doing an excellent job for an almost 7 yo who hasn't really sewn before. She wore out about 3/4 through the first sleeve and asked me to finish it, but I'm not going to. I'm not so mean as to make her do it all in one sitting, but I am mean enough to make her complete the job she started. Besides, it gets easier with practice.

I'm currently working on a blouse that I hope to get done by Gileskirk on Friday, and a set of Regency short stays from Sensibility Patterns. I'm almost out of muslin, but once I get some more we'll begin working on dresses for everyone for Jared's graduation.

Judith, Rebekah, and Benjamin are also making summer bathrobes (Ben wanted a camo robe and is going to change the pocket style so it's more manly), but haven't been very diligent and so they're not finished yet, but I hope to get on them about it this afternoon.

I've been learning lots and will post a list of the books that have been most helpful.

Well, it's time to go exercise!


15 May 2008

Catching Up…Nah

Okay, I know it's been six weeks since I've posted. Life has been going by at light speed. I've sat down a few times and tried to write a quick summary, but don't have time to write something short and too much is going on. I'll try to post about things as I have time, but no promises.

So, here's a list of what we've got going on for the rest of the month:

* Jared's high school commencement, complete with out-of-town guests (but not houseguests) and a celebratory dinner the evening after the state homeschool graduation ceremony

* Printing, addressing, and mailing the announcements for said graduate - I'll buy the paper this afternoon

* My mom is moving across the country diagonally, from northeast to southwest, to be closer to us

* My uncle is driving out with her, so I get to spend some time with him

* Anna leaves soon for New Attitude

* Anna's beau (Drew, the Lesser - my Drew is 'the Greater') will be in town the week before and the week after NA

* Still making arrangements for CiRCE in July (waiting for my roommate to make her final arrangements first as she is coming from much farther away and has some issues that need to be taken care of first)

* Finishing up our humanities discussion group for the year with a lunch out to celebrate a great year of learning

* A luncheon for the ladies at church that I'd hoped to finish sewing a new dress for, but alas, it won't even be started until after the luncheon

* Lots of sewing projects, a couple of which are almost finished (I'll try to post pictures when they're done)

* Beginning to teach Judith, Rebekah, Melody, Elizabeth, and Benjamin to sew (Benjamin asked so he could make a camo bathrobe)

* Curriculum research for next year's history, French, and possibly adding in some classes to our humanities co-op

Add to all that dentist appointments (okay, one recent thing is I had a tooth pulled and the dental implant process started - I'll have my smile back, soon!), still pushing through school, and small things like cooking and laundry and maybe you'll understand.

I 'met' one of my readers on an online sewing forum recently. She recognized me and introduced herself. I must admit she was a prompt for this post.

Well, the oral surgeon is waiting. And then to the paper store, and then the fabric store for a couple of buckles I need for a purse/backpack I've almost finished.