01 December 2008

Making Mayo

Because most mayonnaises at the grocery store contain vast amounts of soybean oil, because soybeans aren't good for thyroid health, because we already have family-members dealing with hypo-thyroidism, and because soybean-free mayos are pretty expensive, I've been making mayonnaise lately. It also tastes pretty wonderful!

I tried to make it again, yesterday (we have leftover turkey which was begging me to make a sandwich and mayonnaise is a mandatory ingredient on my turkey sandwiches). I must be getting impatient because the last two times I made it, I added the oil too quickly and it broke. The time before, I threw it away (wish now I hadn't). Yesterday, I didn't give up so easily and searched the internet for information about fixing my broken mayo. I found the following two videos and they were extremely helpful, so I'm posting them here, both for your information and for my future reference.  

Bon appetit!

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