27 April 2009


I need to apologize for my lack of posting lately.  Life's been busy and I haven't really had time to sit and write.

I had originally set the Constitution posts to appear every other day, but realized that was too fast.  I've slowed them down to once per week and want to take some time to go back myself and catch up on the reading and commenting.  I find I'm understanding it and remembering it better little by little than I have in the past reading it all at once.

I've got a few posts in the back of my mind that I'm mulling over, and I'd like to begin posting more about some of the money-stretching strategies we've been implementing.  I also need to finish my book list.  (We're getting ready for a re-finance appraisal on Thursday; I've been re-organizing books, along with the whole house, and will be able to finish that book list next week.)

So, thank you for your patience with me.  I hope to be back to more regular posting, soon.

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