13 September 2006

A Second Sonnet

This is dedicated to the only One who can truly tame our thoughts.

My thoughts are like the wild birds that flit

Where e’er they will. Brown daydream sparrows fly

Above a landscape, empty-promise-knit.

They flutter off, grey mem’ry wrens so wry!

Before I know - they’re gone! Took wing

Across blue firmament. Quick loop-de-loop!

They flicker past, eyes mocking me. They sing

Their siren song. They chase and soar and swoop.

I plead with them. They tease and taunt! Oh, bane!
Untamèd thoughts! My net has holes. I reach ...
I stretch ... I twist ... exert myself in vain!!
And in my ears, resounds their jeering screech.
Lord, catch the birds and clip their wings and train
Them to fly home and there in peace remain.


© Lynne Spear, 2006

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