23 September 2006

Sonnet #3

Thy holiness, so infinite yet veil’d,
Complete perfection, blazing honor hid.
My sightless gaze obscured. I fully fail’d
To stem, restrain my wickedness, forbid
My blacken’d ways. Depravity my sole
Reply - heed not, I turn away and lid
My wretchèd shame.
Then Light o’er brims my soul,
Damn’d scales flings off! Distress, despair! Can’t flee,
I crumple, slump. High priced...too dear the toll.
Immense, unbounded gorge ‘twixt me and Thee.
Sweet Gospel bends; she lifts my head. Tear’d eyes
To Thee I raise - Thy grace, my only plea.
Forgiveness grows, ‘Cross vast abyss it lies,
Thy bridge of hope. Thou bidst me come, arise.


© Lynne Spear, 2006

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