31 December 2007

Change of Direction

After about 14 years of white walls and a pink and blue stencil, we decided to paint our kitchen/dining room.

This past week, we've been painting different patches of wall in different shades of yellow in different combinations using sponging on, ragging off, and dry brushing to test the looks of these various paints in faux finishes. We've narrowed it down to a pale lemon sorbet and a brighter buttery yellow and are happy with our choices.

We also wanted to add a tile backsplash between the countertop and the bottom of the cupboards. With that in mind, we headed down to the tile store today. We began browsing and then things took an unexpected turn.

You see, our counters are a medium blue. We'd like to change them, but the countertops we've looked at in the past are far, far out of our budget, so we were going to change other things and continue to save until we could replace the countertops. However, at the tile store, we began to see possibilities we hadn't thought about in terms of tile countertops. I've seen tile countertops at others' homes and haven't really liked them, but the counter at the store was finished in large tiles and they were butt jointed (very little grout between them). The salesman said that porcelain is five times harder than granite, so we started browsing for porcelain counter tiles. We have a few samples here at the house, along with some samples of tiles and decorative strips for the backsplash. Painting is now on the back burner as we want to do the counters first. We'll also tile the island and desk, and lower the snackbar so it's the same height as the counter to open up the whole room. I'll try to post before and after pictures as we work. (I'm having trouble getting any pictures to upload, so I can't promise anything.)



  1. Hmmm...I haven't had trouble uploading pics on blogger...

    For the paint, do you purchase lots of different sample shades? I've always resisted that because it gets so expensive! One place that is no longer in business sold very small amounts of paint samples for $1.00 each, so it was worth it, but most places these days you have to purchase at least a pint and it's around $8.00. Not only costs a lot, but then what to do with all the leftover paint?

  2. Lowe's sells samples (about half a pint) for about $4 each under the 'Audition' label. There's also a Sherwin Williams paint store down the street that sells pints for about $5 each. It's not the $1 that you had, but it's better than purchasing a gallon of the wrong color.

    As far as what to do with them when we've elminated a shade from consideration - I let my husband worry about that! 8-D

  3. Okay, thanks! We have a Lowe's not too far away. We need to paint the family room, and I have been bringing home those dumb little paper samples, but it just hasn't been working.