29 December 2007

Dinner Guests

We've been meaning to have a couple of the single guys from church over for a home-cooked dinner for about nine months now, and we finally followed through on Thursday evening.

They arrived at about 6:30 and we put them right to work helping in the kitchen. With the two guys, plus the eleven of us, it was a tight but cozy fit. My Honey planned the menu (tarragon orange chicken, bread for dipping into olive oil, sweet balsamic vinegar and herbs, veggies, one bottle white wine, and one of a sweet blush wine that tasted berry, berry good) while I took care of the dessert (a simple marble cake from a boxed mix, served warm with ice cream and melting frosting).

We had a delightful time getting to know the guys, the things that keep them busy and their plans for the future. It was such an encouragement to hear how the Lord has been working in their lives, their love for the Saviour and his church, and their gratitude to our amazing pastors.

This was probably our most successful dinner and we hope to do it often in the future. A few things we did to help things along: we let them know that we wanted them to work with us in cooking the meal, and we provided aprons for everyone (installed a small rack in the kitchen to hang them and bought three 3-packs of aprons in different colors from Sam's that afternoon). Clothes don't make the cook, but they help to get into the appropriate mood!

I read somewhere years ago that hospitality isn't so much dropping everything when you have guests, but rather inviting your guests to take part in the life of your family. This is the first time we've actually done this and it's definitely something we want to repeat.


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  1. This just sounds so wonderful. What a great idea to include them in the preparations. I tend to "take charge" but I like you're idea much better.