06 July 2008

Morning Time

Morning Time went well this week. The kids seemed to enjoy it and we had some great discussions. It's so kind of the Lord to reinforce what we're reading. As we read the chapter assigned by our pastor and then a small section of The Gospel Primer, often there was much overlap between them.

Here's this week's list:

'God Moves in a Mysterious Way', alternating with 'O, Wondrous Love' to begin learning the former and reinforce the latter

reading II Corinthians according to Rich's blog
reading The Gospel Primer
memorizing the Old Testament books
memorizing 'Casey at the Bat'
reading Northanger Abbey

This only takes about 45 minutes to an hour each morning, depending on how much of the book we read. The will continue to develop and change through the next few weeks and months. I've got a huge list brainstormed, so I won't run out of ideas.


This week, I reinstituted some organizing strategies from The Organized Student, but with one final change (recommended by a friend) that seems to have been the key to make this work better for us.

Even though this book is about helping a student in an institutional school, but it has lots of good ideas that work in a homeschool setting. I highly recommend it!


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