28 June 2008


We took the whole family (minus Anna who had a pre-marital appointment with Drew the Lesser) to see Wall-e this morning. (To those of you who are gasping at the enormity of the economic stimulus this must have caused, swallow your gasps. Tickets for morning shows only cost $5 each.)

Pixar has done it again. Wall-e was breathtaking and wonderful. According to an interview with Mike Stanton, the director, it wasn't an environmental diatribe (although some narrow-minded and near-sighted people have claimed it is). It is a precious love story. It also aims a few light-hearted barbs at modern culture, which hit the bullseye as far as I'm concerned. Maybe we'll laugh at ourselves and stop taking ourselves so seriously.

I don't want to say too much - no spoilers - but go see this if you have the chance. I don't often see films in the theater more than once, but I'd like to see this again. Oh, and we'll definitely be purchasing the DVD when it's available.



  1. We saw it yesterday, too, and loved it! We thought it was precious and less about being "green" and more about consumerism. It was also a lovely story of friendship!

  2. You've nailed it, Kerry! Consumerism - that's the word that evaded me.

    It made the whole family want to come home and work and spend time together.