11 May 2009

Furniture Arranging Philosophy

Since my dear daughter asked, here it is.

I'd rather that my livingroom furniture be arranged to promote conversation and intimacy than to have everything focused on the television set.  I like things somewhat balanced, too.  And I appreciate being able to see my baseboards occasionally (otherwise the room feels cluttered - can you hear my daughter laughing as she reads this?).  

Before Christmas, I came home from our history/humanities discussion group to find the furniture had been rearranged to make room for the Christmas tree {shock!}.  The chairs, couch, and settle were arranged in a way that made conversation difficult and uncomfortable.  One had to strain to see others' faces and seating was pretty spread out.  I felt unsettled when we'd try to have any kind of conversation, but the television and the tree were visible from every seat.

We recently rearranged things and I like it so much better.  Every seat looks at another seat and faces are easy to see.  We're having much better economics and logic discussions and I'm getting the urge to read another book out loud to the kidlings.  We shift the settle when we watch a movie, but that means we must be more intentional about switching the television on, so that's a benefit.  (Not that we watch a lot of broadcast television (hardly any actually), but we were tending to turn on the Roku box too often.)


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