07 November 2009


Last Saturday, we finally got our first Bountiful Basket. Everything has been wonderful!

Included in the basket were a couple paper bags of a small, yellow fruit that I'd never seen before.

In desperation, I posted these photos on Facebook and one of my friends rode to my rescue by telling me that they were mini yellow guavas. So, I then had to figure out what to do with them. They smelled heavenly!

So I looked up 'guava' in my trusty Culinary Artistry to get some ideas and picked out a few ingredients that I had on hand. We ladled the sauce over a butter cake that Judith had made earlier in the day and, well, wow! It was amazing!! Here's what I did:

In a saucepan, I simmered some sweet white wine with a split and scraped vanilla bean. Once the wine had reduced by about a half to two-thirds, I fished out the bean and whisked in the paste I got after peeling, cutting, and pushing about six of the guavas through a fine mesh strainer. I added a pinch of salt, a pinch of mace, and about a teaspoon of sugar. Then I whisked in some heavy cream. (I'm sorry, but I have no measurements for any of this - I was pouring and flicking ingredients into the pan using nary a measuring cup or spoon.) I heated up the sauce a final time, but not to a boil and we indulged. I cannot express how good this was - sweet, with enough tang to keep it from becoming cloying, and the vanilla and wine complemented one another beautifully. (mmm … I have more guavas in the fridge and am itching to make this again, soon!)


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