31 January 2008

Kitchen Progress Report

The plumber was here earlier in the week to replace a few valves that will enable us to turn off the water in the kitchen instead of in the whole house. (Here's to having usable bathrooms while the kitchen is out of commission!)

All the lower cabinets are empty. Drew and Nathan are picking up the new cabinets right now. Today, Drew hopes to finish off the pony wall, remove the old counters, and install the plywood underlayment and the hardy back board.

Tomorrow, we plan to go down to the tile store to sort through boxes of tiles to pick out the ones we want to use. (I love World of Tile!) We also have to get the listello for the backsplash picked out so we can figure out if we can incorporate it into the island. Tomorrow we'll also rent the tile saw and begin cutting and dry-laying the tile.
I woke up this morning to an early Valentine: a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements that Drew ordered and Jared and Joel picked up yesterday afternoon while they were out running errands. The card said that Valentine's Day shouldn't be celebrated only one day a year.


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