23 January 2008

Starts and Finishes

Our no. 2 son (3 of 9 - you will be assimilated...resistance is futile) started his second job today. His first ended after less than a week when his employer discovered that he wasn't yet 18. Your tax dollars at work - according to the EEOC, he couldn't ask how old N. was before he hired him, but according to OSHA, no one under 18 is allowed to work there because of the motorized bread slicer, so he had to hire him and then let him go after only a few days.

Today, he started his job working the lunch rush at a local Tropical Smoothie franchise. This meant that we all got up earlier than usual. I admit it, I'm a night owl and have trouble functioning in the morning, and the kids seem to have inherited my night owl nature. But, when N. works the lunch shift, I need to finish all his lessons (i.e. the things I do with him, not his independent work) before taking him to work at 10:45, so we got up early. We'll get used to it, eventually. He next works on Friday evening, but we have to get up early that day for our history co-op.

And no. 1 son (2 of 9) finally got his homeschool graduation packet turned in. Today was the deadline, fortunately for him, the chair of the graduation committee lives only a few blocks away, so he walked it over. With family coming into town from the opposite end of the country, it was imperative that he get it in. If I remember correctly, his older sister (1 of 9 - I told you resistance is futile!) did the same thing when she graduated 3 years ago.


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