18 March 2008

Honor, or What Achilles Could Have Learned

From the beginning of recorded history, we see a continual quest for honor. Achilles left the battle for Troy because his honor was stolen by Agamemnon. Gilgamesh fought Enkidu over honor. Alexander Hamilton died in a duel with Aaron Burr for the sake of honor. One's honor is to be defended, often to the death; it is more important than life.

Yet, as I watch the developing relationship between this young man and this young lady, I am struck by the honor of it all.

They each count themselves as nothing in their quest to glorify God and honor one another. He is not watching and defending his own honor and neither is she, but they are zealously guarding and defending the honor of the other. Their thoughts are not, 'Where is the line and how close can we get without actually crossing it?' or 'How many of my own aspirations and yearnings will you be able to fulfill?' but 'How and in what ways can I honor and guard you, without reference to my own inclinations?'

Because they view honor not as 'reputation' or 'acclaim' but as 'integrity' and 'esteem for one another', they have the former as they seek the latter. They have been freed from the selfishness of defending themselves and their own status. And their honor shines as they magnify the Lord together. This is honor that no one can steal from them.

What Achilles could have learned from this humble young man and woman!


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  1. Aww, Lynne- what sweet things to hide in a mama's heart! :-)