14 March 2008

Spring Reading Challenge!

Well, I'm behind … again! I guess we can blame all the extra time dialling my new phone is costing me. ;-D

Here's a beginning list (I always seem to add to it as I go):

The Bruised Reed
Girl Talk
Family and Civilization
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave
Who Will Make Us Wise?
The Twelve Trademarks of Great Literature
Contending for Our All
Doomed Bourgeois in Love
Le Petit Nicolas et les Copains
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
(out loud to the kidlings)

It's not a very long list right now. Hay fever has been severe this year and will last another six weeks or so. Having trouble concentrating. I'll add to my Reading Challenge Goals shelf in the sidebar the books we choose for Gileskirk after we finish Frederick Douglass, and I'll leave the books I finished for the Winter Challenge on my Reading Challenge Progress shelf until I get them reviewed.

Thanks, again, go out to Kathleen at Rock Creek Rumblings for organizing this!


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