01 March 2008

Kitchen Progress, VIII

The last tile has been laid. Most of the grout has been pushed into joints, although we still have some facia pieces to do and a few touch-ups (and we're almost out of grout (hmm…that sounds like it should be in a poem) - I think we're going to need just a few more ounces than we have; it'll be close). The backsplash, island, and desk have been de-hazed. We're going to experiment with stone and grout seals before applying them. The boys are beginning to clear out the scraps from the backyard, which means it will stop looking like a construction zone and we can enjoy some time outside before it gets too hot.

I hope to get some pictures of the finished product posted within a couple of days.

I'm so thankful the end is in sight! It'll be nicer than I can express to have a real kitchen again and to be able to cook. We're still organizing (our living room still resembles the inside of a kitchen cabinet), but it's going well, as is sorting through which gadgets to keep and which to jetison - my new kitchen-tool philosophy is a post for another day.


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