30 May 2008


He's done it! Drew proposed to Anna last night and she joyfully agreed to be his wife!

He spent yesterday setting up a scavenger hunt for her. She started here when she arrived home from work. He had left a package with a new dress, shoes, her favorite scent, a beautiful necklace and earrings that coordinated with the shoes and dress, a letter, and a hint. She was in a bit of shock. She began to suspect what he was up to, but wouldn't let herself go down that path because if he wasn't going to propose last night, she didn't want to disappointed in whatever he was doing.

Then she came to us and we spent some time encouraging her with the evidence of God's grace that we've been seeing in her life and we prayed for her. Then we gave her a yellow rose and another card that contained a clue about where she would be going next.

She had five other stops, where her friends, care group leaders, and pastors encouraged her and spoke about the Lord's work in her and in Drew. They each also gave her a rose and a letter from Drew.

Her last stop was at Tempe Town Lake where Drew was waiting nervously for her. He met her with another six roses to make a dozen and shared with her how thankful he was for what the Lord had done for the two of them. Then he dropped to one knee and asked if she would be willing to be his wife. She dropped to two knees and said, 'Yes, yes, yes!!!'

Then they came to a friend's house where about 40 of us were waiting to celebrate with them. What joy! I was asked a few times how I was feeling, with the expectation that I must be weepy and view this as bittersweet, but I'm not and I don't. We've been working to prepare her for this for over 21 years. How can it be bittersweet when the Lord answers our prayers for her? I feel nothing but joy and gratitude at the blessing that young Drew is to Anna.

So, now we move into wedding planning mode. Since I write about what I'm thinking about and what I'm doing and what the kids are doing, expect to see wedding musings and progress reports.

I think it's time to go watch Father of the Bride again!



  1. Congratulations to your whole family! How exciting. My dd got engaged 2 weeks ago and its exciting and a bit bittersweet for me. I'll be watching for your wedding plan posts as our dd & her beloved are thinking of a summer 09 wedding. Although, dresses are currently being earnestly looked at :)

  2. Lynne,

    How beautiful! Drew must be a precious young man, indeed. I anxiously await your wedding musings. A huge congratulations to your darling daughter and her husband to be.

    With Christian love,
    Lyn in NC

  3. Congratulations to Anna, Drew, and your entire family! I am rejoicing with you all. God's gifts are perfect.

  4. Lynne,

    I am so choked up. It started with "we spent some time encouraging her with the evidence of God's grace that we've been seeing in her life..."

    This is one of the most romantic and meaningful proposals I've ever heard of.

    You know what strikes me? It is done in the context of community. Parents, friends, mentors are included in this special moment. Instead of isolation in a "newly engaged" cocoon, they celebrate with friends.

    Praise God! I'm so eager to hear about the preparations and the special day to come.


    Carol in Oregon