15 May 2008

Catching Up…Nah

Okay, I know it's been six weeks since I've posted. Life has been going by at light speed. I've sat down a few times and tried to write a quick summary, but don't have time to write something short and too much is going on. I'll try to post about things as I have time, but no promises.

So, here's a list of what we've got going on for the rest of the month:

* Jared's high school commencement, complete with out-of-town guests (but not houseguests) and a celebratory dinner the evening after the state homeschool graduation ceremony

* Printing, addressing, and mailing the announcements for said graduate - I'll buy the paper this afternoon

* My mom is moving across the country diagonally, from northeast to southwest, to be closer to us

* My uncle is driving out with her, so I get to spend some time with him

* Anna leaves soon for New Attitude

* Anna's beau (Drew, the Lesser - my Drew is 'the Greater') will be in town the week before and the week after NA

* Still making arrangements for CiRCE in July (waiting for my roommate to make her final arrangements first as she is coming from much farther away and has some issues that need to be taken care of first)

* Finishing up our humanities discussion group for the year with a lunch out to celebrate a great year of learning

* A luncheon for the ladies at church that I'd hoped to finish sewing a new dress for, but alas, it won't even be started until after the luncheon

* Lots of sewing projects, a couple of which are almost finished (I'll try to post pictures when they're done)

* Beginning to teach Judith, Rebekah, Melody, Elizabeth, and Benjamin to sew (Benjamin asked so he could make a camo bathrobe)

* Curriculum research for next year's history, French, and possibly adding in some classes to our humanities co-op

Add to all that dentist appointments (okay, one recent thing is I had a tooth pulled and the dental implant process started - I'll have my smile back, soon!), still pushing through school, and small things like cooking and laundry and maybe you'll understand.

I 'met' one of my readers on an online sewing forum recently. She recognized me and introduced herself. I must admit she was a prompt for this post.

Well, the oral surgeon is waiting. And then to the paper store, and then the fabric store for a couple of buckles I need for a purse/backpack I've almost finished.


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  1. What a pleasant surprise to find an update in my RSS feeder.

    Good luck with the implant, that doesn't sound like fun.

    And, congrats on your new grad.