27 May 2008

I Went to Buy Thread…

…and waved 'hello' to the President.

This afternoon, I was in Joann's exchanging polyester thread for cotton thread. The cashier expressed surpise that I'd come by way of Dobson Road because she thought it was closed. It seems President Bush was in town for a few hours (speaking within 5 miles of our house) and would be travelling that route on his way back to Sky Harbor.

When we came out, all the mall exits were blocked by police cars, so Elizabeth and I got small drinks at Taco Bell and waited on the sidewalk. A friendly Mesa police officer kept us informed of the President's impending arrival so we'd be ready. We waved as the motorcade drove by; there was one man in one of the limos saluting, I assume to the policemen lining the route.

Elizabeth was less than impressed, but maybe some day she'll look back on today with gratitude that her mother made her stand for a half hour in the warm sun.


1 comment:

  1. WooHoo! Very cool. I've lived in the DC area all my life and I think I've only seen 1 Prez. motorcade.