03 August 2008

Catching Up

Attendants' Dress Progress:

patterns all traced with preliminary alterations: check
all bodices cut out of muslin: check
2 muslins made and ready to try on this morning after church: check
all but the green silk pre-treated and pressed: check

This afternoon, I'll work on a few more of the toiles, especially that of Drew the Lesser's sister who lives in Dallas - I need to mail hers out tomorrow so she can try it on, mark it up, and send it back. I might even have time early in the week to make Drew's birthday Hawaiian shirt - only 2 months late!

School Plans:

I was going to start school on the twelfth (the eleventh is the first day of the government schools' new year and, after working all summer, we take that day and have a 'First Day of Public School, Aren't We Glad We Homeschool?' day off to watch movies, eat treats, play games, and read aloud together), but I've decided that, other than our time together (Matins? Lauds? still not sure what to call it - 'Morning Time' doesn't work because sometimes it happens in the afternoon!), the kids will work independently to give me time for wedding sewing.

Lately for our time together (whatever it'll one day be called) we've been…
reading through II Corinthians
reading The Gospel Primer
memorizing the books of the NT, with review of OT books once or twice each week
learning 'God Moves in a Mysterious Way' by Cowper, alternating with review of 'O Wondrous Love'
learning 'Paul Revere's Ride', reviewing 'Casey at the Bat' once each week
reading a chapter or two of Northanger Abbey

Jared's Plans:

He's in the midst of applying to Patrick Henry College. In Houston, spoke with Gene Edward Veith, provost of PHC, and he was so encouraging about Jared's application. We don't know what the financial situation will look like, but we're thinking Jared will complete his first year through PHC's distance learning option - we have to go with whichever option is less expensive. And, starting tomorrow, he has a job with an inventory company.

Been thinking lots about CiRCE, but haven't had time to put fingers to keyboard, yet.


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  1. I didn't know Veith was with PHC. I always think of him as being up in Wisc. or MN somewhere. I can't remember which college (Concordia Miquon??) Anyway, I did enjoy one of his books and it was a pleasant surprise to see his name mentioned here.

    Good luck with the college applications and good luck with the dresses - not too much longer.