09 August 2008

A Gospel Primer, by Milton Vincent

This little tomeis one more in a long line I've been reading lately that seek to plumb some aspect of the depths of the gospel and Mr. Vincent succeeds admirably. Its value is not in its factual rehearsal of the gospel, although the poetic section at the end forces a slower, more contemplative reading, but rather in its continual seeking after what the gospel means in a believer's life. Each section (I hate to call them chapters, maybe 'micro-chapters'?) is only a paragraph or three long, yet contains so powerful a point that it's enough to contemplate all day or to discuss with others for a week.

I consistently found that the themes, observations, and challenges in each micro-chapter reiterated, emphasized, and explained in fresh ways those of that day's Scripture assignment and my daily forays into Trusting God and The Godly Man's Picture.  I love it when the Lord pulls things together for me (maybe it's just that I'm thick-headed and hard-hearted and he needs to repeat things so they stick!). As the Lord connected the dots for me, I began to see the bigger picture of how the gospel works out in real, day-by-day, rubber-meets-the-road life. The riches of Christ are a sea we'll swim in for eternity, and I've barely gotten my toes wet, but the process is a delight.

I'm reading this aloud to the kids right now and we're discussing our way through it. It's one that I'll come back to as part of my personal time with the Lord and that we'll continue to re-read together through the years.  

So, Dear Readers (I'm taking Angelina's correspondence course), I highly recommend this book.  It's worth every penny and much, much more.


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