08 August 2008


  • All muslins are made.
  • Only 3 more to fit: one of them being mine, which my mom will help me with tomorrow; one of them I'm trying to arrange a time to meet with the attendant; and the third is on its way to Dallas for Drew the Lesser's sister to try on, mark up, and mail back.
  • Judith cut out and sewed her second muslin today - there were so many piddly adjustments to hers that I felt like we needed another just to be sure, and I'm glad we did as we discovered that she needs separate right and left back pieces because of her posture, which we're now working on. Cool thing: her sewing ability and her confidence are improving.
  • All the lining fabrics have been pre-treated and pressed.
  • Three patterns have received final alterations - I'll start cutting out these linings tomorrow.
  • Still have to figure out where the pink embellishments will go on 5 of the dresses; although I had a good idea for Bonnie's which she's contemplating (can you say 'godets'?).
  • Have to research and choose the embroidery pattern for Eliza's flower girl dress. I think it's time for a trip to Martha Pullen's website.
  • Must purchase silk thread (for the silks) and cotton thread (for the rayon linings).
And, although the website isn't complete yet, it's up!

Little snag in the invitations, but Plan B seems to be working, and they should be ready to mail next week.


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