21 September 2008

More Pictures

We got the camera back and I discovered tonight that Charissa left a bunch of shots on my card.  I've loaded a few to our gallery and will look at more tomorrow.  Unfortunately, there's a black smudge on many of them that I can't get out - I just don't have the software or the know-how to do a good job, but you can begin to see a bit of what we looked like that day.



  1. Lynne,
    Once again I am astounded at your talent. All of the dresses look wonderful. I also especially like the pictures of you and drew.

  2. I enjoyed the pictures, Lynne, especially after following the sewing -of-the-dresses saga! You look happy and I would have never known that you were up at 4am. I'm glad to rejoice in this wonderful day/marriage with you if even by cyberspace.