28 October 2010

Progress Report

So, since I've posted last, life here has been busy.

1) School is going great guns! For more details, check my school blog. I'll be posting soon about French and a new (to me!) organizational approach that has been working very well.

2) Work on the second semester of Christendom is progressing.

3) Still getting the house together, but it's been going well.

4) Cooking German food for the first time to prepare to celebrate Reformation Day on Sunday.

So, where should I start? Hmmm …

The house!

Our King's Meadow discussion group meets here three times each month. Usually, we start the year out with the house looking pretty good, and then it gradually goes downhill all year. What's a little more clutter among friends?

This year, I decided that I'd rather work in the opposite direction. So, we did our best to get the house presentable for the first meeting in October, and my goal is that each time we meet, the house is a little more put together, even if it's not something obvious—like straightened and reorganized cupboards. So far, the kitchen has stayed clean and the peninusla has been cleared of all the clutter that's been sitting there for who knows how long. The sideboard/hutch is fairly straightened out. I've been slowly working on clearing off the kitchen desk. Things will look a little out of place tomorrow, but that's because paint is drying on the wall below the peninsula (after years of being half-finished). And grout is drying on the facia tiles that had popped off the island in the kitchen.

Even if I only work for about ten minutes each day, I'm headed in the right direction. Line upon line, again!

I'll post about those other things as I have time.

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