13 June 2008

Wedding Progress

I can't reveal details (they're not mine to reveal), but I can post progress.

Colors have been chosen, as have attendants.

Anna and Drew are still working on a venue and a date. Our church is very busy in September and we're still not sure if they can shoehorn in another wedding. Anna's birthday is in October and she doesn't want her birthday and her anniversary to be that close together. They both think that November is too long to wait.

Anna's friend is going to coordinate the wedding.

Another friend has a business designing invitations, and a friend of Drew's mom is going to print the invitations, the wedding programs, and provide reception favors.

They're setting up an informational website that will also act as their clearing house for R.S.V.P.'s.

We've begun looking at wedding gowns online, just to get ideas.
I was in Barnes and Noble the other night and, on a lark, stopped to look at the wedding planners. Oh, my. The things that our culture thinks are necessary for a wedding are mind-blowing. The lists I looked at included, among other things and with no indication that they might be optional, a professional make-up artist, a professional hair stylist, manicures and pedicures for the entire bridal party, and a professional calligrapher to address the invitations.

However, in the books I browsed through, there was no mention of pre-marital counselling. We as a culture seem to put too much emphasis on making the wedding a big deal, and not nearly enough on making the marriage a big deal. I'm thankful the kids aren't just thinking of the big day, but beyond.


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  1. Sounds like things are coming along. I think we'll steer clear of those wedding books too.