06 February 2009

Master Lunch List

And here's the lunch list:

chicken tenders
deli sandwiches
peanut butter and jelly
tuna sandwiches (with homemade mayo)
fish sticks or fillets
bologna sandwiches (The mayo even makes these taste good!)
frozen pizzas (when they're a loss-leader)
hummus & pitas
fresh veggies and dip
burritos, tacos, quesadillas
grilled cheese
mac & cheese (from scratch)
chicken salad sandwiches (also from scratch - that mayo is amazing!)

Again, I'd love your additions to this list!



  1. Those all sound yummy - I haven't eaten breakfast yet!! We also do frito pie or hamburgers/hotdogs. Those are quick ones that we do every once in a while. I need to make my own master list. Dinners I do well at menu planning. Lunches and Breakfast not so much but a master list would work for us. Thank you for doing this Lynne!!!

  2. I forgot to add soups. We do a lot of soups, especially during the winter. I could never get into making soups in Arizona for some reason. I guess soups need rainy days in my mind!! Today is potato soup and homemade biscuits. YUMMY!!