18 June 2008

Finding a Gown

Now that we have Anna's gown, it's time for me to start thinking about mine and Eliza's, as well as dresses for Judith, Rebekah, and Melody, who aren't in the wedding party.

As I mentioned before, Anna has chosen colors and is allowing each attendant to choose her own style of gown, with certain parameters.

Research: I've been spending lots of time looking at gown pictures online. Anna knew what silhouette she was looking for, which helped us narrow our search. She also had an idea of how embellished she wanted her gown to be and that also helped us narrow things down.

So, I think I'm looking for something with an empire waist (but the skirt below the waist doesn't need to be very full - it can be more of an A-line). I'm avoiding halters (not good with my linebacker shoulders). I have permission to have a bit more beading and embroidery on my dress as I'm filling two rôles, but I'm not going to go nuts. I don't want to look matronly, but don't want to look as if I still think I'm 20!

Eliza's dress won't be too difficult. Flower girl dresses are so fun to make.

I have to continue to think about the other girls, though. Again, it all depends on the time of day.

Speaking of the time of day (which is dependent upon venue), the church is leaning toward 'no'. So, I'll start calling places today. I'd like to offer the kids some interesting and unusual alternatives, so if you have any ideas for where I can look, I'd appreciate it! There's a local olive mill that looks beautiful, but I don't know if they host events; I've also found a couple of wineries, but they may be too far away; one winery is closer, but probably not big enough. September will still be too hot for an outdoor wedding (although monsoons will have ended by then), so I need someplace indoors (or farther north with a higher elevation). So, I'll be making phone calls today!


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