16 June 2008

Houston, We Have...

...a gown!

Anna and I went tonight to browse at a discount wedding warehouse. The fourth gown she tried on was the one. It's exquisite and just perfect for her. And it's on clearance, so the price was right. It actually costs the same amount we paid for mine, 23 years ago.

We're continuing to discuss the attendants' dresses (or gowns). Anna and Drew have chosen colors for the gowns (although, other than the flower girl, we're not sure who will wear which color), but want to allow each attendant to choose a style according to her individual figure. There will be certain elements that will be the same for all the gowns - Anna wants no strapless gowns, and they'll either all be tea-length or floor-length, but not a combination. We're also thinking about embroidery or beadwork or both that will be the same or similar for all the dresses as another element to pull them altogether.

However, we can't really make any decisions until we have a place, which will give us a time of day and thus help us know how formal the attendants' gowns will be. We haven't heard back from our church yet, but I'm going to begin making some information-gathering calls tomorrow to scope out alternatives. I did some preliminary looking online this afternoon.

I've also been doing a bit of research about the duties of the mother of the bride and the duties of the matron of honor. I'm so thankful and relieved Andrea will be coordinating. I think I'd already be feeling overwhelmed without her.

I've been researching weddings on a budget and think I've found a good resource. It's in the other computer, so I'll post more details later on.


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  1. How wonderful! I was surprised to discover that, even though we live in a major metro area, we have no wedding "warehouse" type places.