16 June 2008


We went to a local bridal gown store on Saturday. We got there only a couple minutes before they closed (the flat tire took a goodish bit of time), but they let us in and let Anna try on a gown.

It was beautiful! It was the right shape for her figure. It was the right size. The color looked wonderful with her complexion. The embroidery was gorgeous. The price wasn't.

I found a bridal warehouse here in town and we're going tonight to browse.

I'm still not sure what color I'm wearing and without knowing the time of day, I can't start designing yet, but I've been browsing gown websites for ideas (something not-too-matronly, but still pretty and feminine and that won't clash with the other attendants - Anna has decided the colors, but each attendant will choose her own style of gown). I can't begin to think about dresses for the three middle girls yet either, but am planning on making them pretties to wear, too.


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