26 June 2008


We have a date, a time, and a place!!! September 13, at 9:30 a.m., at a local multi-purpose room that fits about 400. {whew!} Anna and I will go down this afternoon (once she's finished at the dentist) and put the deposit down to hold the room.

We're also narrowing down dress fabrics. On the Sense and Sensibility forum, someone mentioned the Silk Baron. I'm so impressed with their selection, their prices, and how friendly they are! I've already had to call them about changing my swatch order and the man I spoke with couldn't have been nicer!

Their dupionis are beautiful, and they have an impressive selection of colors. Their other offerings aren't as substantial, but they have some very nice georgettes, chiffons, and just the right taffeta for Eliza's flower girl dress.

I'm now working to set up a meeting with two of the attendants so Jona and I can take measurements and begin working with the patterns. As soon as the fabric is decided upon, we'll order that and get going. Then, we'll work with two attendants at a time as each dress will be a bit different.


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