28 June 2008

Morning Time

I'm working on a time based on Cindy at Dominion Family's 'Morning Time' (see the ClassEd blogs list in the sidebar). I don't know that mine will look just like hers or what I'll end up calling it (although I have some ideas, which I'll discuss in a separate post), or what it'll look like long-term, but I have a plan for this coming week. Each day we'll

*read the day's Bible reading assignment from our senior pastor's blog
*read a short section from The Gospel Primer for Christians
*sing 'O Wondrous Love' to work toward memorizing it
*recite the books of the Old Testament (also working toward memorizing them - my older kids know this, but the youngers have slipped through the cracks)
*read 'Casey at the Bat', also working toward a comfortable familiarity through repetition, if not memorization
*read at least a chapter of Northanger Abbey (we finished Alice this week)


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