13 February 2008


After a trip to World of Tile last night, we've changed our thinking about the backsplash. It's finally coming together - at least in our minds.

Seven inch square Beach set straight on the bottom, followed by a row of 5/8" square rose marble tiles, then more Beach set on the diagonal with accent tiles of green marble. Then another row of small rose marble, finished with Beach. We'll use battiscopa tiles at the top once we move out from under the cabinets, as the rounded edge will give it a nice finished look.

We're also going to incorporate the rose (1x1 here) and green marble into the island.

The rose really brings out the rosy brown hues in the Beach tiles, but I'm not sure how green happened as it's most definitely not my favorite color, but it'll be gorgeous. I think I've figured out green: it's either absolutely beautiful (dune-grass grey-green or tropical ocean blue-green) or it's just hideous (lime and the greens used in army fatigues). There's no such thing as a mediocre green.



  1. Looks lovely - bright, airy and clean. What sort of green have you chosen?

  2. P.S. After your comments about greens, how do you explain your blog background?

  3. The green is a dark, grey-ish, blue-ish green, but it's marble so there are lots of swirls of different shades and hues. We've got a tile here, so I'll try to post a picture this afternoon.

    And, as far as the green blog, I was going for a plant theme - you know, sweetbriar patch? green?

    I may change it soon (again!).

  4. Try and find one of your 'beautiful' greens - this one shows up as lime/army green on my screen, which is why I asked.

    I am enjoying watching the progress and artistry involved.

  5. The picture of the flower to the right of my blog entries has some beautiful greens in the background. The problem with trying to share pictures and specific colors on different computers is that screens aren't all calibrated the same way and they don't necessarily look right. How about I try to remember to bring some pretty green samples (maybe even a piece of the tile itself) to Houston in July?

  6. It's the green at the top (background for your explanation of 'sweetbriar') and on either side of the text that I mind. The only reason I commented is that from your description you feel the same way about greens as I do, so this is surprising.

    I'd love to see your tile's green. Monitors and colours can be tricky.