23 February 2008

Progress Report

Well, after a nasty tug-of-war with the saw until fairly late in the afternoon - the third blade finally worked.

We tiled the desk (shhh…don't tell, but the tiles are a bit crooked and the overlap isn't even across the front; it looks good, now, and will look better after we grout, but we may have to shave a bit off a few of the front pieces to make them fit).

Jared and Drew tackled the first course of the backsplash on the counters (once we got the new saw blade, we were able to cut some tiles that needed precise measurements to make up for an unlevel countertop).

I don't have any pictures right now, and am ready for bed after a long day and not feeling so well right now, but I'll try to post some tomorrow.

After church, we'll continue building up, grouting the desk, and getting the pieces cut for the desk's backsplash so we can install them a.s.a.p. We also need to pick up some caulk in the same color as the grout for the bottom of the backsplash.

It was an interesting day, with several frustrations, but God is good and no one lost any temper. At one point, we stopped and prayed together for help. Immediately after that, Drew thought to price saw blades online and found one that was reasonable at Home Depot. That was definitely a turning point as after he brought it home, everything began to fall into place.


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