23 February 2008


The tile saw has a warped blade. We're still marking tile, but have only gotten one cut (and we may end up not using that one). Drew is going to check at Home Depot, but their saw rentals cost a bit more than World of Tile's. Unfortunately, WoT doesn't have any more saws available this weekend.

We're taking the under-cabinet lights off and the boys will pop off the counter on the island while the girls and I clear off the desk and then they'll take that apart. The plywood and hardyback boards are already cut for those, so they can start putting all that together. Since the tiles for the desk have already been cut, we can begin laying those as soon as the underlayment is ready.

Step-by- step, we'll get this done.


p.s. I'm getting other ideas, too! I think we're going to paint the kitchen/dining room a light and medium shade of sage/greyish green, with a honey oak chair rail and window & door trim. Our windows are all simply set into the walls, without any trim, sills, or framing. They've always looked bare to me and I'm looking forward to highlighting them. Of course, now Drew is thinking that before we do that, it would be best if we had better insulated windows, which would drive down our cooling costs in the summer.

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