12 February 2008

Kitchen Pictures

Not done yet, but here are current progress pictures.

This one shows a bit of the mess of thinset on the counter, but it also shows clearly the missing front piece. The other pictures are farther away and you can't see what's missing so well. Drew is working on a brilliant way to support the tiles while the thinset dries so they stay level and even. We didn't cut enough the first time we had the saw, so the front will have to wait until we rent the saw again.

This one shows a close-up of the counter between the stove and the sink with my tea maker and the new bottom cabinets.

The sink and the peninsula.

The view from the dining room.

This is one idea for the backsplash. Probably not this particular tile (only three in stock at Home Depot and all chipped - not very good quality), but we hope to find something like it a World of Tile. We'll also outline the diagonals in a 5/8" dark brown swirly-patterned tile, with more of the Beach on the bottom and on the top.


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