26 February 2008


Nathan and I worked this afternoon and finished the desk {and the people rejoiced!}. We got all of the backsplash done {and the people rejoiced!}, except one little tile next to the fridge that needs to be trimmed. We got the window sill done {and the people rejoiced!}, except the last three tiles that still need to be cut.

And why didn't we finish those last few cuts? Well, I'll tell you. The saw stopped working this afternoon. {sigh} We haven't been able to get it turned on since about 4:30.

We were hoping to lay the tile on the island tonight and got all the inside pieces cut and laid out last night {and the people rejoiced, some more}. We couldn't lay that tile last night because we'd run out of edge tiles. {'nother sigh}

If it wasn't for technology, we'd be done by now!


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