02 February 2008

Kitchen Progress, III

The plywood is installed on the 'U'. {whew!!!}

We sorted through several boxes of tile, end caps, and battiscopa at World of Tile this afternoon to pick out the specific pieces we wanted to use. I'll say it again: I love World of Tile. As overwhelming as this job seemed, we've received nothing but encouragement, information, and help.

The hardybacker board is screwed on (with the exception of a couple of places that need some unusual-sized and -shaped pieces). We still have to cut and screw on the edging pieces of hardybacker board (and we'll need more screws before we're done) - maybe tonight when it gets too late to run the tile saw we can focus on that as we have two drills. We have the tile saw until Monday morning, and will dive in again right after church tomorrow afternoon to cut it all. One of the single young men from church volunteered to come over and help later in the week. We may take him up on that.

I don't have any pictures to upload because Anna has the camera to take pictures at corporate youth tonight, but I hope to get some more uploaded tomorrow.

Once we finish the hardybacker board, we'll dry-fit the tiles to make sure we've got everything cut right and then it'll be time to start mixing thinset and laying tile. {whoo-hoo!!!}
Yesterday, Rebekah was sick with a stomach flu, but she's much better today. I'm still working to keep my stomach calm, but the headache is going away and I'm not feeling quite so queasy.


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