21 February 2008

Neglected Number Nine

Once I learned to crochet, I began making afghans for each of the kids. When I started, I only had four kidlings and each of the first four afghans differed only in color. I used the same pattern over and over. When it came time to make the fifth, I changed patterns and have been varying them ever since. The plan (once I caught up) was to make an afghan as a present the Christmas after each child's fifth birthday. I thought that would give me enough time to stay current. Ha…little did I know…

Elizabeth is almost seven and the picture shows how far I've gotten on her afghan so far - only about a foot and a half. On the bright side, she did get to pick out her own color and pattern, a privilege withheld from the older kids. Does that make up for my tardiness?

Whenever I get it out to work on it, she sits as close to me as she can get. She's learning patience. Either that or she's demonstrating perfect patience for me so I can learn from her example. God truly works in mysterious ways.

I'm dealing with a bit of anemia this week (I have an appointment with a nurse practitioner next week), so, in addition to taking lots of iron, eating lots of protein, and drinking lots of water, I'm getting lots of rest with my feet up. It's time to work some more on the afghan. Maybe it'll be ready for Eliza's seventh birthday in June.

The good news is that, once this one's done, I'll be all caught up!


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