04 February 2008

Finished…for now

The tile saw is loaded into the van and I'll drive it down tomorrow morning. {wooh-hooh!} That means everything is cut, except for the final end pieces of edging and facing. When we get everything else installed, we'll measure and take the pieces down to World of Tile and use the saw there for those last four cuts.

We install the last few horizontal pieces tomorrow. I'll grout them on Thursday. We're putting the vertical facing on its own timeline because we want to get the sink back up and running as soon as possible. We'll also need some good strong tape to hold the facing pieces up while the thinset dries. Then, I'll grout that separately and we'll just have to be careful for a few days.

I'll try to post pictures tomorrow, but I'm not promising anything because we've got to get back to school. Even without grout, I think it looks wonderful! The kitchen feels so much bigger with the lighter color.

Weird thing about all this manly work I've been doing…the abrasiveness of the mortar is acting as an exfoliant. My hands haven't been this soft in years.


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